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Daudet - la chèvre de Mr Seguin :

Lettres de mon moulin

Lettre-Livre fabriquée

sur papier Old Mill 130gm

4 pages illustrées

​Editions pytheas 2019

Mr Seguin's goat

recto goat.jpeg

Aucun article

verso goat.jpeg
ill2 (2).jpeg

For a moment Blanquette felt inclined to go back ; but when she recalled the stake, the tether, the hedge round the paddock, she thought that now she could never make herself at home there, and that it would be better to stay on the mountain. The horn had ceased to sound…The goat heard the leaves rustle behind her.She looked round, and in the shadow she saw two short, straight ears, with two shining eyes…
It was the wolf.


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